Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Walk, don't run

Saw yet another RE again today - think I've seen everyone in the practice by now. We're finally seeing follie development. Slow, but they're there. Told me not to panic. Not canceling (yet), but I'll probably be on stims for an extended period of time. "All you need are 3 follicles and 2 eggs and you still have a shot".

After coming out of the exam room, I ran into my original RE, whom I LOVE. He is the Director of the facility and only sees new patients and does the initial diagnostic testing (then passes you off to the IVF specialists). I was so happy just to see his face. Asked how I was, told him my frustrations, and he says: "It's still early, you'll probably be on stims for another 10 days or so. This is the issue with your body - we'll get it to work." I wanted to kiss him. Love that man.

So, waiting for the follow up call about my drugs. Thanks for all of your advice! I bothered the nurses today, showed them what I was seeing with the fluid loss and they told me that it wasn't a big deal - I have so many vials to mix that it's only natural.

Feeling much better today. I know it's still a long shot, but at least I'm still in the race!

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sara said...

Don't give up hope yet girl..I got a call last Saturday after my ultrasound and said that they would probably cancel my IVF cycle, and later in the day they said that it was worth a shot. Then we ended up getting the five eggs that all fertilized. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts...but it sure can be nerve racking as you're waiting for the news. I'm hoping this slow and steady wins the race works for you!