Monday, June 30, 2008

What a difference a year makes

Apologies for not posting lately...things have been nuts. Nothing bad, just crazy busy. Work has been so busy over the past week; I attended a conference and spent the weekend away with family...things are finally starting to slow down now, but I'm still digging my way out from under a ton of work. Blech. Oh to be independently wealthy!

Anywho, on to this post:

One year ago yesterday (June 29th), the Barron and I had our first appointment at the clinic. It feels like it was yesterday. We had been trying for well over a year to get pregnant, and my OB/GYN wrote me a referral to have things checked out. I had a routine exam, post-coital test and the Barron received a scrip for a sperm analysis, and we were sent on our way.

I would later go through an HSG (July), diagnostic laparoscopy, DNC, and various blood tests to find out that my ovaries are in premature failure and my only option of getting pregnant was IVF.

We met with the RE about IVF in early Feb, and the rest is history.

I cannot say enough about my miracle workers. Every single person I dealt with, from the Chief, to the RE's to the nurses and staff (except for one receptionist who seemed to have a never ending pole stuck up her ass), was professional and kind and always treated us with the utmost respect. They were our biggest fans through this entire process, and I could tell that their joy for us when we received our positive was genuine.

I know that I will be back there one day (if we want to have more children), but I wanted to take this opportunity to document how greatful I am to them.

On the baby front, things are pretty quiet. I'm feeling pretty normal right now, which is weird. I should probably enjoy it while I can. I'm starting to show, but to the untrained eye, it still looks like a gut. I don't meet with the OB again for about 3 weeks, so I'm just trying to relax and have faith that everything inside me is progressing as it should.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Status Quo

Ultrascreen came back negative. Everything is fine. Not much else to report, except that I'm losing my sanity from my damn job. Hopefully, I'll be back in better form next week. Have a fab weekend everyone!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm in, I'm out, I'm sleepin...

Quick post, just so ya'll know I'm alive and kickin'. Work and life have both been crazy busy lately and I haven't had time to get everything down "on paper".

The ultrascreen went well...I'll have results this week. What was really awesome though, was the in depth sonogram they performed for the test. We got to see baby movin and groovin all over the place. I actually cried on the table, I was so happy to see it move. The only sucky part was the damn finger prick blood test. Take a vial out of my arm any day, please! Ugh.

Visit with the OB tomorrow and I'll hopefully have a better update. Otherwise, finally starting to feel more like myself. Also, have moved up to maternity pants...the jeans were just too tight when I was sitting.

Sending all of my best thoughts, and sticky vibes to the residents of Gryffindor House over at Reproductive Jeans!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm Melting!

It's 95 degrees here in NY today (but feels like over 100). I'm sitting in my bedroom/office with the A/C turned up and all of my shades pulled down. It's a fortress. I'm somewhat cool, but this is kind of depressing. We're supposed to have major thunderstorms tonight, and then more acceptable temperatures tomorrow. Thank God!

In this heat, the last thing I feel like doing is eating, but being pregnant has kept me hungry constantly - it's a vicious cycle. I'm getting by on light but not very nutritious foods...hopefully I'll be able to stomach some more variety soon.

Nothing much else going on...except that I'm having an Ultrascreen on Thursday morning. Anyone have experience with one of these? It's supposedly a very early test for Down's. My OB asks all of her patients to have one. It's pretty much an ultrasound where they look at fatty deposits behind the baby's skull and also take some blood from me. Both of the tests will be combined to come up with a risk factor, and from that they should be able to tell if I'll need any further testing down the line. It takes about one week for results to come in. I know this is a good thing, but it also makes me somewhat nervous. Keep your fingers crossed for me if you can.
Also, keep those fingers crossed for Kymberli and Sara too - both of them are going through some trials right now and could use the good luck and well wishes.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Like the deserts miss the rain...

In lieu of any news (I don't have another OB appt for 3 weeks), I figured I'd dedicate this post to all of the things I miss in my life due to this pregnancy. Now, I'm not bitching about being pregnant, but man, do I miss a few of these guys like a kid misses candy. Mmmmm...candy.

Number 1:
Ah, sweet nectar of life, how I miss you daily. Before IVF started, I had a 3-cup a day habit. Totally bad, I know, but it got me through the day. I eventually moved to half-caf, and then to decaf, and now to nothing, and it's KILLING me. And people, I'm sorry, but decaf is NOT the same. Tons of people say that to me, but it's not. All you coffee drinkers out there know what I mean. I have told the Barron that after delivery, I request that he make a trip to Dunkin Donuts and bring me a medium french vanilla coffee w/ skim milk and sugar. In the hospital.

Number 2:
Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a big fan of beer. I have never been all that into mixed drinks, and am not a wine connoisseur. Beer, I can do. And, not just any beer - I like the good stuff. the Barron and I love going to various breweries and tap houses to try all different types of beers from around the world and such. It was our Friday tradition to go out after work for a few beers and good conversation. I miss it. It's for the best, definitely, but I do miss it. Especially now that it's getting warmer and I just want a cold beer. (At left is a pic we took of taps in Ireland - ahhh Guinness.)

Number 3:

Cold cuts.

Sometimes I just want a damn sandwich. Is that so much to ask? Gah.

There's more to the list, but not enough time to put it in today - I'm sure I'll have other posts like this down the line. Seriously, not trying to bitch, and I know I'll be able to have all of this post baby, but damn. I think when you're pregnant, you should be able to have everything you want, as well as look kick ass. Instead, I have to cut things out and look like an unholy mess. Ah, the wonders of life. Hee!

Other than that, not much to report. I've been ill for three days straight now. I thought I was over the sickness, but I've been having persistent nausea and HORRIBLE headaches since Sunday. Little one, please give your mama a break. Thanks!