Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm Melting!

It's 95 degrees here in NY today (but feels like over 100). I'm sitting in my bedroom/office with the A/C turned up and all of my shades pulled down. It's a fortress. I'm somewhat cool, but this is kind of depressing. We're supposed to have major thunderstorms tonight, and then more acceptable temperatures tomorrow. Thank God!

In this heat, the last thing I feel like doing is eating, but being pregnant has kept me hungry constantly - it's a vicious cycle. I'm getting by on light but not very nutritious foods...hopefully I'll be able to stomach some more variety soon.

Nothing much else going on...except that I'm having an Ultrascreen on Thursday morning. Anyone have experience with one of these? It's supposedly a very early test for Down's. My OB asks all of her patients to have one. It's pretty much an ultrasound where they look at fatty deposits behind the baby's skull and also take some blood from me. Both of the tests will be combined to come up with a risk factor, and from that they should be able to tell if I'll need any further testing down the line. It takes about one week for results to come in. I know this is a good thing, but it also makes me somewhat nervous. Keep your fingers crossed for me if you can.
Also, keep those fingers crossed for Kymberli and Sara too - both of them are going through some trials right now and could use the good luck and well wishes.


sara said...

Thanks for the good wishes, hon. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts for a great scan for you also. Is what you described the same as the NT (nuchal fold) test people have done? The purpose and description sound the same. Either way, I'm hoping you get stellar results. Plus you get to peek at the little one again. Keep me posted, I can't wait to hear how it goes!

Kymberli said...

How's it going up there, homegirl? Thanks for the well-wishes. I wish I had noticed it when you first posted! I'm sure you'll have awesome results...I can't wait to hear about it!