Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Well, hello there!

I've been crazy busy and haven't had time to post lately. Hopefully this snapshot of the Cheesecake will tide you over until I'm back among the land of the blogging! I am keeping up with everyone else's blogs though and glad to see that ya'll are doing well!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Gender Predictions: Girl - 1, Boy - 0

I got my first gender prediction yesterday while getting a haircut. The hairdresser at the station next to mine wished me congratulations when I was leaving and then said "I think you're having a girl". Silly me never asked why - did she think my ass looked big? Has the baby "stolen" my beauty? (both old wives tales, but still). So, I think I'll keep a tally until delivery day of all my predictions. I refuse to make any, because I'm always wrong, and really, I'm happy with whatever I get at this point!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ode to the Vee Dub

My husband bought the VW in the Fall of 2001. His sensible Corolla had been totalled a few weeks earlier and he turned around his insurance money to buy a 1.8 Turbo VW GTI. At the time, I was anxiously awaiting an engagement ring, and was none too happy when he picked me up from the gym driving this new car. Needless to say, I hated it from the start. (I was a silly girl, what can I say?)

We were married the following November, and this was the car that we drove the day after when we left the hotel and drove to our new apartment to start our life together. It didn't have a lot of room in the backseat for passengers (or other nefarious activities), but the trunk had plenty of space for necessities, making it our go-to travel vehicle. We drove it to upstate New York for our annual trip to the Irish festival with my family, to Boston, Hartford, and Hershey, PA for sporting events and concerts and to Vermont for a spontaneous Anniversary weekend getaway (among other locations).

Hubby took meticulous care of this car. He was always cleaning it, parking it away from other cars at the store to avoid dings and dents, filling it with premium gas, and keeping up with maintenance and the like. In the 7 years since it was purchased, we even managed to keep the mileage low (still only at 36K). He also always loved the pickup that the turbo engine provided on the parkways. I never quite appreciated it. It was a gas guzzler to say the least.

Then, infertility struck. This was the car that I drove daily to my doctors appointments, 45 minutes away from home, speeding on the parkway to make it in time for my blood draw. I fell asleep in the passenger seat on the drive home after my retrieval and it got us and our precious cargo home safely after 3 embryos were transferred in March. After that, I gained a new appreciation for the car. It became my friend. I drove it more checkups and appointments, shopping and family gatherings.

Yesterday, we sold it. Actually, we traded it in for a more family-friendly Honda CR-V. There wasn't enough room in the VW for a car seat and other baby-necessities. My car is a beat up old Corolla and wouldn't get us any money on a trade. Hubby kept a brave face, but I know it was killing him inside. I, on the other hand cried. Tears of thanks for getting us around safely, tears for the memories of the trips we took, tears for the last 6 years that we've spent in it, and tears because I know that the next buyer won't be as good to it as we were.

I love our new's the car that will bring our baby home from the hospital, but I will always have a small spot in my heart for the one I gave a chance to a little bit too late.

Godspeed, VW. Thanks for the memories.

(this is the last time we saw it - in the garage at the dealership)

Friday, August 1, 2008

20 Weeks

20 Weeks today. I'm in awe of the fact that I am halfway through a pregnancy that I never thought I would have. As I was sitting in the doctor's office today waiting to get called for my ultrasound, I reflected on my time at the RE's clinic - blood draws, needles, dildo cams, etc....It all seems so long ago, and yet just like yesterday at the same time. I am ever so greatful and will be indebted to these people for the rest of my life for the gift they have given me.

Who else am I thankful for/to? The Barron. This entire process has most definitely made our marriage stronger. I know this hasn't been the easiest road for him, and he has been nothing but supportive and my true partner. He's going to be a great father.

Anywho, on to the details. We saw the cheesecake today. Yes, we're calling it the cheesecake. Basically, my last name is that of a famous brand of cheesecake starting with the word "Baby" - so, it works. If you haven't figured it out, that's still gives me some sense of anonymity. :) The ultrasound was perfect. Nice strong heart, all internal organs accounted for, ten fingers, ten toes, and a cute little face (well, what I could make of it anyway). Then came the question:

"Do you want to know?"

And, at that moment, although every fiber of my being was shouting "YES!!!!"...

"No, we're going to wait"

ARRRRRGH. That was one of the hardest things I've done. The tech knows, the doctors know, and I don't. Although, going through IVF has enabled us to know everything; some things we never wanted to know in the first, we should be able to have this one thing. 2o more weeks and I'll have my answer.