Monday, March 3, 2008

Fra - GEE - lay

During November and December, I love waiting for the various deliveries that will end up on my porch holding holiday gifts for loved ones and sometimes even for me. I hear the UPS truck coming down the street and get all excited. Who's gift is it? Is it something that the Barron ordered for me? Should I shake the box? Does it look as nice as it did online?

The drugs (yes, THE drugs) will be arriving on my doorstep between 3 - 7 PM. Even though this delivery is not a gift by any means, I find myself looking out the window at every car/truck that goes by. This is the delivery that's going to get things started. This is the delivery of the items that could potentially give us the child we've been longing for. Therefore, I can confidently say that this is quite possibly the most important delivery I will receive.

Handle with care, pharmacy delivery people.


Carrie said...

It certainly is a moment when you see those drugs for the first time. I found that the biggest shock of my whole first cycle.
I hope the parcel arrived and you're still calm. All the best with this cycle.

Ms Heathen said...

Just popped over from Lost & Found to say welcome to the blogosphere.

I hope that your consignment of drugs arrived safely, and that this first IVF cycle goes well for you.

sara said...

I saw your site on los t and found...and I think we're pretty close on our cycles. I'm wishing you the best of luck. My drugs actually got delivered to my mom's since I would be at work the days surrounding it and didn't want that precious delivery sitting on our porch for hours. I think I called her every hour that day til I found out they were delievered! Welcome to blogging..I'll follow your journey!