Friday, March 21, 2008

Extra Help

I've always been an advanced learner. In elementary school, I was placed in the gifted program; in high school, the majority of my course load was AP classes, and in college, I took more Honors courses than not. I've never really had to deal with extra help (well, maybe in math), or what we here in NY know as "Regents Optional" this is all new to me.

The ovaries are getting put into detention. - they're still plugging along, but slooowly. Today's sono showed 5 eggs (or follies, not sure). I'm on the max dose of stims, so there's nothing more they can do except to split up my dosage. So, now it's one shot in the AM and one in PM, each w/4 vials. This does not bother me, as I'm willing to stick as many needles as necessary into my abdomen to make this work, but it sucks just the same.

Do they need a tutor? Maybe a little extra encouragement? I've started talking to them for chrissakes. "Just do me this favor and I'll be so good to you for the rest of my life...I swear". The RE keeps saying that my age works in my favor however (31), but how can that help when I have the ovaries of a slow - learning middle-ager?

I'd exchange all of those good grades back in the day to have these bad boys working as they should.


M said...

I hope those follicles grow like crazy for you! I have my fingers crossed!

Tara said...

Hope that splitting the meds over the day will give those ovaries more incentive to excel!

Tam said...

You sound like me. Well, I just started trying, but I have a "slightly high" (according to my RE) fsh level (10) and so far my follicles are growing very slowly. Also, I'm totally gifted in all other ways. We have tons in common.

I'm hoping for you.

I love your blog. It's good to have other people out there going through this. I just started my blog--please check it out!

sara said...

Wow girl that's a lot of shots, but sounds like you have a great attitude which helps a lot. Talking to your ovaries made me smile :-) Don't you wish that they would listen to us? Maybe their in the teenage stage where they think that they know everything? I hope that they start behaving as they should..maybe you can continue to bribe them with some added rest time when you get pregnant?


Bec said...

Here's hoping your ovaries kick into action and your follicles grow for you :)