Sunday, April 6, 2008

Step away from the pee sticks, ma'am. 6dp3dt

Ok, before retrieval, I promised myself that I would avoid POAS-ing. I didn't want to get all excited over a false positive, or be all depressed over an early negative (which I know I will, even though I like to say I won't.)

However, that was before I was aware of the pure HELL of the 2WW. Man alive, does this suck. I don't know if I can live like this for another seven days. That's right, beta is 4/14 - an entire week away. I'd love to remain blissfully ignorant for another week, blowing kisses to the embryo photo on my fridge, rubbing my belly for extra encouragement, and checking the toilet paper for any spotting; but at the same time, I can't take this wait.

Is it to soon? Should I wait a few days? Should I wait till beta? I need some talking down from the ledge!

*yes, another South Park pic - can you tell I'm a fan?


tam said...

Okay, having not yet gone through a 2ww of my own (but keeping in mind that mine will begin tomorrow), I can't really speak from experience. My first instinct is to tell you to weigh the different options and figure out which will make you feel worst, and don't do that one. But that's the most annoying advice in the world, that's non-advice when you're asking for actual advice. So then I started thinking about it and here's the thing--if you POAS now, you'll be disappointed by a BFN, and that will suck. But even if you get a BFP, you'll STILL just worry until your beta. Also, if you get a BFP now, you'll probably test every day until your beta and each of those tests will make you worry in a new and different way. So my actual and true advice is to resist, and then maybe at least you'll have that to feel good about even if you end up having nothing else... It's not what you want to hear, maybe, but at least it's something.

P.S. Feel TOTALLY free to completely ignore this, my feelings won't be hurt. :) It was just an attempt to throw you a bone, maybe get you thinking (maybe distract you for a little while?!). I don't know anything and I have no idea how I'll feel when I'm in my 2ww. I will likely ignore my own brilliant advice. So anyway, good luck and I'm thinking of you. And of course you have to tell us what you end up doing.

Candi B. said...

I will probably poas on 9dp3dt. i say do it whenever...this is HELL!!

sara said...

If you pee now and see it's negative, then at least if you get a positive any time later, you'll know it's truly a positive. If you are going to wait, I would wait until at least 9 days post transfer. Be strong strong. But what the hell, if it'll make you feel better - go for it. Good luck!