Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Prove me wrong

A few weeks ago, in this post Tara commented
Isn't it funny how we *know* when our body isn't doing something it's supposed to. Even though we can't actually SEE what's going on in there.
That has been my story for the past two years. Ever since I came off the pill, something has been up. I have gotten every period in approximately 26 days or so, with at least 3 or four days of spotting ahead of time. Usually the spotting starts out as a light brown and progressively gets darker.

It's getting darker.

Now, I know this could be part of the IVF process, and everyone is telling me to have hope, but I know my body, and I haven't been wrong yet.

Please God, prove me wrong. I want to be wrong so badly.


Tara said...

I really, really hope you're wrong.

My fingers are crossed for you.


JJ said...

You are wrong. There-now you dont have to worry=)
Hoping so much for you...

sara said...

I hope that you've never been more wrong in your life. You're wrong, wrong , wrong! There...hopefully that'll help. Sending you some hugs...and if I could a nice new pair of shoes. Those always work almost as nice as hugs for me :-)

Hugs...(and shoes)