Wednesday, April 9, 2008

See Spot Run

Still spotting. Mostly brown (for now). Trying to hold on to hope while avoiding pee-sticks, although I've already moved on mentally to what I'm going to do after my negative beta, which I'm convinced will happen. Another round of IVF is for certain, but when? Working out and dropping about 20 pounds is definite. Drinking a few good beers is another one. Hoping this doesn't come to fruition, but need to be realistic while still hanging on.

Another question for you ladies. How important is timing on the PIO shots? The Barron and I try to do them at about 8:30 PM nightly. This Friday, (if I even get to Friday sans-period) we have tickets to the Met game and I'd really like to go, but administering an injection in a ballpark will be difficult, and I'm sure security will confiscate my syringe anyway. Would doing my injection in the early evening make that much of a difference? I'll be asking the nurses as well, but looking for some feedback.

Thanks for all the well wishes and good thoughts. It's much appreciated, believe me.

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tam said...

I won't be doing PIO shots, but rather suppositories, and my doctors did not suggest I had to be particularly precise in my timing. Just twice a day, morning and evening. I wasn't precise with when I gave myself the Menopur injections either, just before I went to work in the morning, but much earlier on ultrasound days (because I had to get up very early to go across town for my ultrasound) and later on weekends. I seriously doubt that doing the shot in the early evening rather than at precisely 8:30 will make a difference.

I rreeeeeeeeeeaaaaallly hope all your "next round" plans are for naught. Will be thinking about you and checking in.