Monday, December 1, 2008

Ah - CHOO!

Well, I knew it was bound to happen. I made it this far without getting sick, and then 3 weeks until my due date...BAM! The common cold strikes. My throat is killing me, I can't stop sneezing and pretty much feel all together lousy. Ah, my kingdom for some NyQuil!

Oh well, guess I'll just have to tough it out. Hopefully Cheesecake doesn't show until after I've shaken it so I don't have to worry about passing it around.

In other news, I had a checkup this morning and am officially 1cm dilated. Now, I know that's pretty much nothing at this point, but still, it means the process is somewhat underway. Yay! So, now, I'm scrambling to get so much done ...Christmas cards, finish shopping, wrapping, etc....Oh, yeah...and get all of my work in order as well. Fun.

I still can't get over the fact that by this time next month (hopefully by then!) I'll be someone's mom. Eeek! This is so huge. I'm freaking out and excited at the same time.


Kymberli said...

I predict that you'll go into labor and deliver at 38w4d. :)

Sully said...

That's a pretty specific number! I can deal with it though - gives me some time to adjust before Christmas! :)

Heather said...

Hope you feel better soon!!! I laughed at your last post. I used the same words for my 8 year old daughter four weeks before my due date, she was kicking my insides so badly. I was talking to her out loud about her eviction notice. Three days later, my water broke! Good luck!

JJ said...

Blech--Im sorry you are feeling crummy!
Hope Cheesecake read your letter in your last post--I keep telling Mook I am stalking your blog to see when the new little Pearl Jam fan arrives!