Friday, December 19, 2008


Well, today is D-Day. Delivery Day, Due Date, etc....and I'm going nowhere fast. NST and BPP all went well - baby is thriving and is perfectly happy where it is. However, there's one catch...

It's big.

Bigger than we expected anyway. I'm carrying relatively small, but they're projecting Cheesecake to be over 8lbs at this point. Eeeek! So, now the plan is to give it a week, and if nothing happens, I have a scheduled C-section on the 29th. I'm kinda bummed about it, but whatever gets baby here in the safest way possible is fine with me. If we could do it today, I would, but they want to give me a shot at a vaginal delivery.

So, basically, we're not just looking at a plain ol Cheesecake....It's one of those super dooper deluxe Cheeesckake-Factory concoctions: I'm hungry.


Emily said...

Um, why did you put up that pic> Now I'm drooling!

Hope you will go into labour soon!!!

JJ said...

That picture is TOO yummy. Mmmm.

Glad baby and mommy are doing well--I know you are just anxious for baby to be HERE!

Tara said...

EVERYONE (midwives, ultrasound techs) predicted that Ruby would be a big bad bruiser but she was only 7lbs12oz. Hang in there, they're not always right.

Here's hoping something happens for you soon. I know how frustrating the wait is.

Sully said...

Emily and JJ - you're both preggo now - go eat some of that yummy cheesecake. My days of eating like a pig are coming to an end (soon, I hope)! :)

battynurse said...

Ooh, that looks yummy. I hope that cheesecake decides to make an appearance without the benefit of a surgical team. Merry Christmas.