Monday, December 8, 2008

10 Days....seriously?

Holy crap. My ticker says 10 days. Freaking out. Although, I still wouldn't mind if it were sooner. Had a checkup today, complete with internal. Cheesecake is sitting pretty up by my belly button, so not low enough to go anywhere yet (although to look at me, you'd think he/she were ready to pop right on out)...still only 1 cm and cervix is "soft". Blech. I was hoping for more progress.

I did however, gain 3 pounds. Yeesh. I went from gaining no weight last week to 3 pounds this week. Bringing me up to 21 lbs in total. Not too terrible, but I'm really starting to feel like a sea cow, and can't wait to start exercising again. Going to be taking lots of long walks with this kid once he/she gets here.

Well, if Cheesecake isn't going anywhere for a while, I guess I'll finish up my Christmas shopping and wrapping so I'm all set. Sigh.


Emily said...

Yay! 10 days!

Tara said...

Once again, I think you are writing for me!

I'm excited that my due date is closing in but scared as hell at the same time!

And also - cannot WAIT to start excercising again. I see people out jogging and I am so jealous.

Good luck for your last 9 days now!

sara said...

I hope it's soon for you! Ahh...can you believe it's Christmas time already?!?!