Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Two thousand, one hundred and ninety days. No, it's not how long I've been pregnant (although I do sometimes feel that way). It's actually the duration that the Barron and I have been married as of this coming Saturday - 6 years in total.

We're both taking the day off on Friday to have an extended celebration. We'll go out to breakfast and just spend the day together doing non-baby things (for a change). We also plan on going out for a nice dinner on Saturday. We originally wanted to go away for the weekend, but I think it may be too risky, being only 5 weeks out from my due date, and feeling pretty damn uncomfortable, frankly.

We went to a wedding two weeks ago, and it really made me think. While sitting there in the Church, in my tent-sized bridesmaid dress, I realized that I am better off now then I was six years ago. I am a better person for marrying my husband. I couldn't have picked a better partner, and am so excited for this next phase of our lives together. If you're reading this, I love you hon!

As for baby-business, everything is status quo, except for the fact that I am getting increasingly uncomfortable. Baby is very active, which is great, but can get tiresome after a while - as it is now pushing on my bladder and stomach at pretty much all times. However, movement is good, so I'll take it. I have about 5 weeks left and am ready. I'm ready to have my body back to myself, and of course to meet this little one and finally find out who he/she is.


dana said...

Found your blog thru TAM's....

Happy Anniversary!

(We just celebrated our 6th, too, on the 9th - and I know of 4 other blogbuddies who have their 6th in Nov, too! Nov 2002 must have been hoppin'!)

Tara said...

First, congratulations on your anniversary.

Second, I (once again) concur with everything you just wrote and could have wrote this post myself. I am very looking forward to this baby being born for all the reasons that you listed.

Here's to a speedy 5 weeks... (as if)

JJ said...

Happy Anniversary!! Hope you all have a great day!

I anxiously await your posts--its getting so close! SO exciting! xoxox

Heather said...

Happy anniversary!!!! You also only have a little over a month left to your pregancy. Woo hoo!

battynurse said...

Happy belated anniversary!!!

sara said...

Happy belated anniversary!