Thursday, January 31, 2008

When it rains....

In the last week, I have lost three clients. Those three clients equal almost $5K of my monthly salary. This is a big blow for me, especially considering the fact that I am scheduled to meet for my IVF consult in a week. I knew that this was inevitable - it's the nature of my work (I work from home as an outsourced marketing professional), but I've been riding high for so long. What's worse is that these are clients who I never expected to leave. These were the solid ones. So now, I'm left with some shaky clients who may still bail, a $3K per month mortgage and IVF fees coming down the pipeline. I'd love to just put IVF on hold, but my effing body and it's rapidly aging ovaries are not going to let that happen. I feel the walls closing in. I can't cope right now. Panic is setting in.

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