Monday, December 31, 2007

Starting fresh?

I am so glad to see this year coming to an end. This will always be the year where I lost my optimistic look on things. The year where I came to realize that things aren't always as easy as we think they're going to be. The year when my friends and I started drifting apart, but they didn't notice. The year when I felt like I just couldn't fit anywhere. Tomorrow is the start of a new year, a clean slate, full of hope (and fear).

The Barron and I head off to Ireland on Friday for ten days of exploration. I cannot wait, but deep down inside, I am anxious. I know that when I come back, I will be making an appointment with the RE for my IVF consultation, and then we're off to needle central. Not something I'm looking forward to.

2008 will also bring a blogroll, more frequent updates, and hopefully some readers! (are you out there?) If you happen to be one of them, Happy New Year to you and I hope all of your dreams become realities!

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