Thursday, May 26, 2011

That Bitch

When I was going through my first round of IVF (which eventually resulted in my little G man), I remember sitting in the RE's office and giving the side eye to anyone who dared come in with a child in tow. "That bitch has some nerve coming in here with a kid when we're struggling to have even one!"

On Monday? I was That Bitch. I have found that IVF is exponentially more difficult (schedule-wise) the second time around. I'm not sure if all of your experiences are the same, but my RE schedules my appointments at some crazy times, like between 7-9 AM. The RE's office is about an hour away from my house as well, so you do the math. I feel bad asking anyone to look after G that early in the morning, and we are also trying to keep this round on the DL for as long as possible. All of these factors are making this quite complicated.

The Barron and I have decided to let our parents in on the plans in the next few weeks so that on procedure days we can drop G off at one house or another for the time we're in the RE's office. At this rate, it looks like my transfer (if there are embryos to transfer) will be around July 4th. Independence Day, indeed!

All that being said, I have to admit, it was very surreal being in that same office once again with the product of my first round in tow. He charmed everyone there - the doctors, nurses, and even some of the patients (even though I did my best to keep him quiet and subdued in the waiting room). One of the nurses asked me "is he one of ours?"...yes, yes he is.

So, I'm back on the pill for the next 3 weeks, and then back to the good ol' stims. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but it's kinda hard not to.

Stay tuned.


Heather said...

Wishing you lots of luck! I need to try to drop by our RE next week with the boys in tow. I want to give them a picture of all three of our kids. I think they should hang it up with a sign, "children designed by Dr. Wonderful". We really would not have any of our children without the wonderful RE I've known for over 12 years!

JJ said...

Youve got all my positive thoughts and big hugs over the next few weeks!