Monday, February 9, 2009

Just when I thought I was out...

Had my 6 week follow up today and of course, the question about birth control came up. My doctor is a big proponent of the pill, but didn't even try to push it on me. Basically, it's pointless, because the likelihood of me getting pregnant sans-science is slim to none. And what's more? If I want to try again, I should do it within the year.

For real? I'm just getting adjusted to my little guy, and I have to think about getting pregnant again within the year? I definitely want to give Gavin a sibling, but was hoping to at least have 2 years between kids. Ideally, it would be more than that, but I knew that was unlikely with my situation. So, now IVF in the next 6-12 months is a real possibility. I don't know if I'm ready for that again. This sucks.

The Barron and I need to have a serious discussion tonight. Just when I thought I was over the fertility issue, I get pulled back in. IF still sucks, even though I have my little G man.


Tara said...

Ouch. That's a tough situation to be in.

I've been trying not to think too much about if/when/how I will concieve again. It would suck to be forced into it so soon.

Good luck with your decision.

sara said...

Yikes! I'm so sorry you have to be faced with this..doesn't it just seem unfair? I haven't blogged about it yet but my FSH is climbing like crazy (they did one when I had all that bleeding postpartum) so it seems I'm on the clock too. Not something I'm ready to think about yet, you know? ((hugs))

Bec said...

Oh hon, you think you are finally out of the woods and wam - something else slams into you. My ass-vice? Just try and enjoy this time with your little man - the time will come soon enough for you to make this decision.