Monday, July 7, 2008


Sixteen weeks. We've made it sixteen weeks. I'm still in awe of this entire process. Elating and wonderful, yes, but very frustrating as of late.

In a nutshell, I hate not knowing what's going on. My OB appointments are now a month apart, I can't feel the baby moving yet, and I have no way of knowing if every thing is ok. I feel good, and I know I'm still pregnant and all, but seriously, if I were married to crazy Tom Cruise, and he purchased an ultrasound machine for me, I would think it was the best gift in the world!

Anyone else in this situation?


Tara said...

Oh I can totally relate. When I found out that I would only get two ultrasounds for the rest of my pregnancy I almost fell off my chair! My midwife tells me that this is quite often a problem with IVF'ers.

I have to wait another two weeks for the next ultrasound. That's unheard of in IVF world!!!

I know I bitched about the dildo cam but right about now... it doesn't sound so bad.

Kelly said...

Get used to feeling like this....I have a 3 month old sleeping in her bassinet right now in the next room and I STILL can't believe it! I'm still waiting for all of this to sink in!! Congrats and good luck!!!

Kymberli said...

Yup, I know just how you feel. This in between phase can be hell on the paranoia button. Hang in there! :)

sara said...

No quite in the same boat, but I understand feeling nervous in between appointments. I get that way whether they're 1 week or 4...hang in there though. You're doing great!